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A Collection of Rare Architectural Drawings and Blueprints for Sale or Trade

The collection includes historic and contemporary architectural drawings by some of the world's greatest architects including Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson, Louis Sullivan, Richard Neutra, Frank Gehry, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Michael Graves, Henry Glass, and others.  Preliminary architectural drawings of one of the world's most famous man made structures, The Empire State Building, are also featured.   

All of the drawings and blueprints on this site are for sale.  As the photos shown here are somewhat limited in quality and detail, additional photos will be provided upon request.  We will also purchase (or trade) architectural drawings of all types and will be happy to examine any that you may be hoping to sell.

Even if you are neither a seller nor a buyer, please browse the site.  These drawings provide a glimpse into the thoughts of some of our greatest artists.  They document the evolution of building design from the earliest stages to final presentation.



Frank Lloyd Wright - Price Tower - 1952 - Ink and Colored Pencil on Paper